Andi’s childhood passion for art, sports, and computers has manifested into the successful graphic design and branding company, Epic Design. Her creative outlet started with paint, crayons and sparkly, colour-coded school reports, and has since moved to computer and camera – for both work and play. Being from the Sunshine Coast, she grew up loving the outdoors — she’s an avid athlete who flies down the mountain on snowboard and bike (not usually at the same time) and will try almost any sport you can name. She has worked on various projects for local large sports brands like the Vancouver Canucks, 2010 Olympic Games, SFU Athletics, and BC Lions. Who knows… you may find yourself on a coveted “Epic-Designed” snowboard, bike, boat or 747 in the near future.

Meet Andi.

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What do you do?
I do graphic design & art direction in a range of fields with a focus on professional sports. Much of the work I have done since starting Epic Design six years ago is branding and print design. Over the last few years I have expanded my designs from classic branding on print media to a wide range of exciting mediums including photography, vehicle and bus wraps for and the Vancouver Canucks, web & social media, as well as physical space designs for the Canucks Team Store and Vancouver Theatre Sports League. I have also recently been hired to do yacht renderings & decals for boats and outboard motors at Grand Marine. While web is exciting and fun, my love will always be print, and with technology available today the options are almost endless. You may have seen my Canucks designs on buses & skytrains around the city during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons.

How long have you lived / worked in Yaletown?
I have lived in Yaletown for 4 years and worked in the area for 6. I just bought a new condo literally days ago and it had to be in Yaletown – it’s vibrant and fun, sporty and family all at the same time.

Best place to get lunch:
My kitchen! But second best would have to be a walk over the Cambie bridge for a chocolate orb from Whole Foods.

Best place for dinner:
A new spot “Fiasco”– they make an amazing Lemon Cheesecake Martini, and they just brought in a top chef from New York, plus they have live music – you can’t go wrong. But if you really want to find out the hot spots check out she blogs all the best spots in town!

What’s the one thing about Yaletown that only a local would know of?
I can’t reveal my secrets! If you’re a local you should know… My advice, grab a camera and go exploring, stop every now and then for a drink somewhere and you’ll find them.

One word to describe Yaletown:
Posh (Yes, there’s even a dog spa here named “Pawsh”)

Who was your first celebrity sighting in Yaletown?
First sighting was Trevor Linden… last sighting was Bieksa at Halloween with his little guy dressed up as popcorn!

What’s the one thing you like about Yaletown?
Pretty much everything is within five blocks of my doorstep.

What’s the one thing you don’t like about Yaletown?
You get funny looks wearing gumboots to Yoga. What!? I’m from Roberts Creek!

You wish Yaletown had more of….
Rooftop patios.

You wish Yaletown had less of….
Uber-expensive hair salons – there’s one on every corner!

What is Yaletown missing?
We need our own farmers market in the summer!

Favourite memory being in Yaletown:
I’m sure it’s a common fav, but living in Yaletown during the Olympics was amazing, and it ended on a pretty memorable note! Unbelievable!