Killjoy in Yaletown by Donnelly Group

Killjoy Cocktail Tavern by the Donnelly Group It looks as though the Donnelly Group is continuing their pursuit of world wide domination. Their latest opening, the Killjoy, looks to be their most varied incarnation yet. Located in the old Beauty Mark location at 1120 Hamilton the Killjoy is a funky charcuterie and wine bar. VIP party is scheduled for this […]

Warm Weather Whites

Well here we are in June and we’re still giving our thermostats a workout. In our heart of hearts we know however that it’s still too early for anything resembling summer here on the coast. So in an, perhaps entirely misguided, exercise in wish-fulfillment I present two old world classics that you should revisit once the sun decides it’s going […]

Goorin Bros Summer Party

If you haven’t checked a Goorin party yet – you’re missing out. Drinks, great live music and a wicked selection of hats. It’s a perfect way to get a Friday night started. Begin at Goorin Bros. and pick up some of the latest summer lid fashions while sipping on a few drinks while listening to Sons Of Granville and then […]

Yaletown Pop up Shop

Yaletown POP-UP SHOP is now open and showing off locally made unique jewelry, handmade silk screened t’s and original artwork. You have one week to check it out! Labels include: Joanna Baxter Design Christy Feaver Modern Metalworks Renee Rechtschaffner Sedated Clothing Jessica Bushey Cam Andrews Peg Steley Angelica Montero Georgina Masana OTO Design Jacqueline Conoir Press Release: Vancouver’s Got Talent, […]

Yaletown’s Hooker’s Green

Hooker’s Green in Yaletown is now officially open. With their VIP opening celebration now behind us, The Donnelly Group’s newest venue is ready for summer. And it looks FANTASTIC! Located directly downstairs from the New Oxford, Hooker’s Green serves as a rec room for the popular Yaletown venue. The two rooms are connected by a winding raw metal stairway, effectively […]

Viti Wine Review

There are certain grapes synonymous with certain countries and often for good reason. As a grape Riesling can do well in different, generally cooler, parts of the world but it’s as rippling, powerful, fragile, muscular and breath-taking to behold as a wild horse when you get the best examples from Germany. Dönnhoff 2010 Riesling 9.5% alc. Nahe, Germany Under $40.00 […]

Have Patio – Will travel

It’s patio season! There is no better time of the year than Yaletown patio season. And one local Yaletown restaurant is hurrying to get ready for this active season. Chinois, located at 1035 Mainland Street is busy putting the finishing touches on what will soon be one very popular Spring and Summer time patio. It’s a winning combination that just […]