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Television host by day, foodie by night, Erin is the lover of cuisine who aspires to spend the rest of her life eating food that is *to die for*.

Yaletown Mini Bikini Fashion Show

MINI Coopers, the only vehicles as cool as Vespas, weren't the only sexy models on display at MINI Yaletown last Thursday night... Clad in swimwear by celebrated designer Anna Kosturova (whose in demand

Yaletown’s Best Cookie: My Lucky Charm

They are 'liked' on Facebook by 149,000 users worldwide. At 11 grams of fat and 222 calories PER cookie, it's stupefying that so many people love and INGEST this shockingly unhealthy Subway treat on a

Erin Ireland’s 7 Deadly Sins at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market can have my entire pay cheque. I'm willing and ready to fork out any exorbitant sum, so long as their gourmet salad bar's alluring array of ingenious, beautiful creations continues to flow.

Cafe Medina: Canuck Hangover Cure

A hop, skip, and a jump from GM Place, home of Vancouver's beloved Canucks (whose season recently came to an agonizing end for players and fans alike - many of whom would've given their left

Shakin’ Not Stirred: Unsung Brunch

Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery are not my types of men. Remember Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? Back in the day, it was his magazine photo that was cut out and glued to my

PHAT Deli – Yaletown’s best sandwich?

I once won a bet eating three footlong Subway sandwiches in a row. Up for grabs: twenty dollars. It’s this amount the deli meat piled dangerously high onto each PHAT sandwich must cost. Had my