About Teresa

Lover of life’s simple pleasures and can get easily enthusiastic about anything which I think is cool. I write the Faces of Yaletown feature.

Tyler Hassman

Tyler Hassman is a dynamic entrepreneur who has seen Yaletown evolve over the years. He has been living and working in Yaletown for 12 years and witnessed the boom and bust (and boom again) of

Andi Mortenson

Andi's childhood passion for art, sports, and computers has manifested into the successful graphic design and branding company, Epic Design. Her creative outlet started with paint, crayons and sparkly, colour-coded school reports, and has since

Tayler Rogers

Feeling down? Then Tayler can make you up with her masterful skills with choosing the right moisturizer for you to applying that mascara. She's one of the sweet makeup artists at the popular BeautyMark and

LeLe Chan

LeLe Chan is a creative Celebration Connoisseur. Her wedding and event planning business, Le Soirees, is about bringing style and sophistication to your special event. She knows her PR and event planning well as she

George Affleck

George, President and CEO of Curve Communications, lives, works, and breathes Yaletown. He has been a pillar of this popular neighborhood for over 10 years now. He is a down to earth entrepreneur can be

Lisa Wong

Lisa is a stylish scribe and a multi-talented wordsmith. Aside from being a technical and freelance writer, you might know her as the blogger with the envy-inducing wardrobe behind the popular fashion blog, Solo Lisa.

Erika Weimer

The entrepreneurial Erika Weimer is the founder of RentitFurnished.com, a Yaletown based property listing service specializing in luxury apartment rentals in the downtown Vancouver area. If you want to live in Yaletown, this website has