Known to many as one of Yaletown’s original residents, Bruce ‘Bruchay’ Jung has been roaming the streets of our neighbourhood for more than two decades – from warehouse central to the city’s buzzing hubs. If you ask him, he can probably name each and every store, restaurant, and boutique that has come and gone over the years. He is also a founding father of entrepreneurship as co-owner of Pure Nail Bar (1282 Pacific Boulevard), which pioneered the specialized beauty service industry in Vancouver. Pure currently has 10 locations across the Lower Mainland.

Often seen at Yaletown’s best eateries and nightlife hot-spots, wave ‘hello’ or send him a friendly tweet @bruchay. More often than not, he’ll be sporting a pair shades from his large collection.

Meet Bruce.

Bruce Jung but many people know me by my nickname ‘Bruchay’.

What do you do?
Alongside my extremely savvy business partner Irene Lee, we have grown Pure Nail Bar to 10 locations across the Lower Mainland. Yaletown was the very first location, which opened more than six years ago.

How long have you lived / worked in Yaletown?
I moved to Yaletown back in 1991 and have been living in this neighbourhood for more than two decades. You can call me one of the original dinosaurs of Yaletown. Back then, we did not even call it Yaletown. My friends and I used to joke that I shacked up in the empty warehouses by the dumpsters.

We always see you around sporting a pair of shades. What are your favourite pair of sunglasses?
Without hesitation, the original Ray-Ban’s are the best go-to sunglasses hands down.

Best place to get lunch:
Desmond Chen’s Urban Thai Bistro is one of my favorite places for lunch in Yaletown.

Best place for dinner:
Emad and Shannon’s Glowbal Grill is one of the best places for dinner.

Best place for after dinner drinks:
Peter’s 100 Nights at Opus Hotel is where the action’s at for nightlife.

What’s the one thing about Yaletown that only a local would know of?
Section 3 use to be called DeNiro’s until actor Robert De Niro sued the owner for use of his name. There was a contest to rename the restaurant for a trip if I recall. I didn’t win. However they did come up with the name Section 3, which is the law they were sued under by Robert De Niro.

One word to describe Yaletown:

Who was your first celebrity sighting in Yaletown?
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, currently an American Idol judge, at the original hot spot back in the day called Century Grill (now Blue Water). I also had the pleasure of having a glass of wine with Cloris Leachman at Century Grill, back when she was singing in the musical ‘Sunset Boulevard’.

What’s the one thing you like about Yaletown?
All the great patios during the summer nights.

What’s the one thing you don’t like about Yaletown?
Lost some of its diversity over the years.

You wish Yaletown had more of….
Some true grit

You wish Yaletown had less of….
Parking meter attendants….

What is Yaletown missing?
A place to enjoy a nice drink and smoke a perfect Siglo V Cohiba. I know, I know there is the smoking ban bylaw, but a nice cigar on a patio on a perfect summer night is hard to beat.

Favourite memory being in Yaletown:
Back in 1991, my dad’s fearful face when he visited me at the first old warehouse loft I bought on Mainland St., near the original Maple Leaf Storage site (currently the Yaletown Towers 1,2,and 3). I said, “Don’t worry dad, I think it will clean up eventually,” with my fingers crossed behind my back. And hey, look where this neighbourhood is now.

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Thanks Bruchay!