Daniela is a marketing research maven who moved to Vancouver from Romania in 1989. This successful Scorpio is the founder and owner of SmartPoint Research, a full service marketing research company. SmartPoint Research helps clients conduct marketing research studies and make major business decisions. She’s a smart and an active entrepreneur who has quite the golf swing and can shred down any slope. You can find her walking her Aussie-Doodle dog on Homer Street, catching a Canucks’ hockey game, or vacationing in Hawaii.

Say hi to Daniela.

Daniela Hassman

What do you do?

I own SmartPoint Research and namely specialize in Marketing Research

How long have you lived / worked in Yaletown?
Initially, I worked in Yaletown in 2001 for a couple of years and then worked in other parts of Vancouver, then I moved to live in Yaletown in 2004 and started to work in Yaletown again in 2007. Currently, I work in Yaletown and reside in South Granville.

Best place to get lunch:
Absolute best would be to do the 1 hour lunch on Wednesday at Glowbal and order the Sweet Pea Ravioli for $12. But there are other awesome places to eat lunch in Yaletown such as Bistro Sakana, Chez Faye, Steamrollers and even a fresh deli sandwich from Choices.

Best place for dinner:
I really like Glowbal but Goldfish also deserves honorable mention as my friend Curtis Webb just became the executive chef there and his creations are delicious.

What’s the one thing about Yaletown that only a local would know of?
If you live in one of the buildings attached to Urban Fare you can actually live completely indoors for months (if you have a home office) never having to leave your building. One of my friends did it.

One word to describe Yaletown:


Who was your first celebrity sighting in Yaletown?

Shaquille O’Neill – a while ago, early 2000…

What’s the one thing you like about Yaletown?
It has everything within a few blocks: shopping (food, clothing, furniture) restaurant, bar, club, yoga studio, gym, spa, dentist, doctor, physiotherapy, chiropractor etc.

What’s the one thing you don’t like about Yaletown?

It’s way too noisy at night, on a regular basis, if you live here.

You wish Yaletown had more of….:
Street festivals! I wish there was a really cool festival with beer gardens in the summer. The streets would be closed off and the festival for go for a week or two. That would be awesome!

You wish Yaletown had less of….:
I seriously can’t think of anything off the top of my head that is specific to Yaletown – the typical things that are an issue in every part of Vancouver and other cities come to mind but nothing specific to Yaletown.

What is Yaletown missing?
A vegetarian restaurant like the Naam on 4th…we need some hippie action up in here!

Favourite memory being in Yaletown:
The 2010 Winter Olympics were amazing! Second to that would be when I met the man who is now my husband. 😉