Finally, Bubble Tea in Yaletown! Hooray!!!

Dash has quickly taken advantage of the recent closure of Raging Bean on Pacific Boulevard and opened up Yaletown’s first Bubble Tea cafe. No longer are ‘quick’ drives into Richmond needed for an authentic cool and refreshing Bubble Tea.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit and/or milk. Bubble teas also usually contain small pearls called “boba” which are made from tapioca. These teas are shaken to mix the ingredients, creating a foam on the top of some varieties. The chewy pearls, although having little flavor, are sucked up through large wide straws and are consumed along with the drink.

Dash is a family-owned business and in addition to offering a great Bubble Tea selection, they also offer espresso beverages as well as ice cream to those who are a little unsure about sucking chewy tapioca bubbles through a straw.

Dash is planning a grand opening on Friday, June 11th beginning at 12pm. Look for half-priced menu items till 11:00pm.