//Faces of Yaletown

Kelsey Dundon Faces of Yaletown

Kelsey is a divine vintage-deconstructed diva who's taking design to a whole new dimension. You can check out her sweet smile and style sense on her super popular blog, The-Anthology.com. Her fine fashion taste has

Melissa Kwan

Melissa Kwan is a fresh face on the Vancouver entrepreneur scene and a Yaletown advocate. She's been living and working in the neighbourhood for more than two years, where she has roamed the streets looking

Bruce Jung

Known to many as one of Yaletown’s original residents, Bruce ‘Bruchay’ Jung has been roaming the streets of our neighbourhood for more than two decades – from warehouse central to the city’s buzzing hubs. If


Kalev Fitness is now located at 102 – 128 West Pender St Kalev is a Yaletown personal trainer who is probably responsible for more of the hot bodies walking around the hood than any other

Tyler Hassman

Tyler Hassman is a dynamic entrepreneur who has seen Yaletown evolve over the years. He has been living and working in Yaletown for 12 years and witnessed the boom and bust (and boom again) of

Andi Mortenson

Andi's childhood passion for art, sports, and computers has manifested into the successful graphic design and branding company, Epic Design. Her creative outlet started with paint, crayons and sparkly, colour-coded school reports, and has since

Tayler Rogers

Feeling down? Then Tayler can make you up with her masterful skills with choosing the right moisturizer for you to applying that mascara. She's one of the sweet makeup artists at the popular BeautyMark and