I once won a bet eating three footlong Subway sandwiches in a row. Up for grabs: twenty dollars. It’s this amount the deli meat piled dangerously high onto each PHAT sandwich must cost. Had my bet involved any three menu items from Yaletown’s favorite deli, whose full name could be, ‘Pretty Huge and Tempting’, I would’ve failed.

‘Pretty Hot and Tasty’, PHAT’s real name, is a fitting description, as well. Especially, if we’re talking the Hot Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich on Rye:

Hot smoked corned beef (flown in from Montreal) is served on fresh, warm Rye bread lathered in mustard. With sandwiches like this in the neighborhood, the lineups at nearby Subway baffle me.

PHAT is located at 1055 Mainland Street, within eyesight of the international sandwich chain, whose lineups must be filled with herbivores and white chocolate macadamia cookie lovers. Their patrons clearly aren’t focused on the meat. Extra cold-cuts on a Sub amount to less than what you get on an ‘easy meat’ sandwich at PHAT.

PHAT salads are also pretty huge and tempting. I chose the Chef:

The roasted turkey, Montreal-smoked meat, Swiss and cheddar cheese, dollop of rich egg salad, and fresh thinly chopped lettuce (for easier eating) overflowed from my stainless steel bowl and could’ve fed a small family of moderate eaters (impressive nonetheless). If it hadn’t been so satisfying, I might’ve been envious of my dining partner Crystal’s beautiful selection, the PHAT Club Salad:

Pretty toppings: avocado, bacon, tomatos, eggs, feta, and olives. If this mouthwatering photo isn’t enough to get you through PHAT’s doors, here are three extra reasons:

  1. Heated outdoor seating for an easy transition into Yaletown patio season
    (a true Vancouver experience)
  2. Gin martinis and beer served all day
  3. No jaw pain associated with excessive chewing of tough meat (often the
    case at nearby steakhouses)

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