Sea Star Children’s Centre

Located at 1451 Homer Street the Sea Star Children’s Centre is ready for business and is scheduled to open in December 2009. Once open in late December will accommodate 69 spaces for childcare as well as 24 spaces for infants/toddlers. The Centre will be full-time licensed group childcare and related child development activities and will be run by Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres (VSOCC) who currently operates eight City-owned childcare facilities in the downtown area already.


Catchment- False Creek North

Children who live within the area (south side of Nelson St. to False Creek waterfront, east side of Burrard St. to Cambie Bridge) will have a higher priority than those not living in the area

During the development of False Creek North the delivery and specific locations for each childcare facility were determined. Two of the childcare facilities have been completed and are now in operation. These are Dorothy Lam Children’s Centre at 188 Drake Street and Quayside Children’s Centre at 1011 Marinaside Crescent, both of which are operated by VSOCC. The Sea Star Children’s Centre will be a much appreciated and anticipated opening since their are currently 2,200 families on the VSOCC waitlist.


The 2006 Census shows that families have embraced living in the downtown peninsula.
There are 3,180 children from birth to six years old living in the downtown area. Within that
age range there are 500 children living in the False Creek North area. The demand for
childcare in the downtown has resulted in significant numbers of families waiting to access
available childcare spaces. VSOCC has 2,200 families on their waitlist. The new Sea Star
Children’s Centre, at 1451 Homer Street, will help meet the needs of some of these families.

At the time of reporting no information on the Sea Star Children’s Centre was available from the VSOCC website but look for this update soon. Visit VSOCC’s website here.