More Summer Sipping

Happy Days are here and now that the sun shines we can wake out of our prolonged winter slumber and slip onto our beach loungers. And so to lubricate that transition I offer two hot weather wines that are good as they are or with some summer fare.

Pentage Rose 2011 Okanagan Valley B.C. 13% alc. Under $30.00

Summer Wines from VittiThe first thing that catches your eye is the crazy 1980’s hot pink colour. In fact this would be THE wine to serve the next time Bananarama, Cindy Lauper and the B-52s play your house party. It’s that much fun.

There’s plenty of the classic aroma of strawberries on the nose but with the happy added value of the unmistakable richness of cream. Strawberries and cream are nice all round but on the palate the further layers include white pepper with a crisp pomegranate on the finish.

This is a wine that stimulates the appetite in a variety of ways and that’s a good thing because as enjoyable as it is on its own, it’s also very much a Rose for food. A welcome match for Hungarian Chicken Paprika or Salvadoran tamales doused in pico de gallo.

Approximately 45 cases of this wine were made so it’s difficult to get your hands on some but if you’re lucky you may still find it on better restaurant wine lists in Vancouver.

Sineann Pinot Gris Wy’east Vineyard 2010 Oregon 13% alc. Under $40.00

An expressive nose of honeyed quince and pear, the wine sparkles on the palate with lively acidity and yellow stone fruit flavours. Pinot Gris is classically known in two styles: the fatter, oilier versions from Alsace and the leaner citrus and mineral driven versions out of Italy where it’s known as Grigio.

The Sineann version falls somewhere in the middle with all the acidity of the Italian style in tact but with the warmer fruit profile of Alsace followed by honeysuckle, dried hay, and a lingering appetite-inducing salinity finishing with the zip of lime zest.

An Oregon Pinot Gris isn’t the first thing that jumps to mind with ceviche, but this wine is an exception and it’s a wine of purity and interest.