Feeling down? Then Tayler can make you up with her masterful skills with choosing the right moisturizer for you to applying that mascara. She’s one of the sweet makeup artists at the popular BeautyMark and the savvy social media maven who tweets and blogs for them. Even though she’s born and raised in Vancouver, this gorgeous gal is quite the globetrotter too. She took a two year break in London, traveled around a lot, and saw an amazing 18 countries. She’s into clothes, cosmetics (of course) and the Canucks…what’s not to love?

Say hi to Tayler.

Tayler Rogers

What do you do?
I’m one of the makeup artist at BeautyMark but I do a variety things. Along with working on the floor and doing makeup applications, I do all the social networking and the store blog. I also help out with internet orders.

How long have you lived/worked in Yaletown?
I worked at BeautyMark for 2 years before I moved to the UK for a two year break. Now I’ve been back since August.

Best Place to get lunch:
I love going to Urban Thai for a great meal at a good price. Also, Yopo’s is a great little find, their wonton soup is amazing.

Best place for dinner:
Rodney’s Oyster Bar, hands down. Not only is the food so good, but the atmosphere is great. Fun staff, good music and its the perfect place to start the night off.

Whats the one thing about Yaletown that only a local would know of?
Capone’s is a perfect place for a different night out. They have live jazz 7 nights a week! The food is great too.

One word to describe Yaletown:

Who was your first celebrity sighting in Yaletown?
My first celebrity sighting was Tara Reid. She came into the store and I was helping her with some products. She was pretty hilarious.

Whats the one thing you like about Yaletown?
I like that Yaletown is it’s own little community. It’s downtown, but it has a totally different feel. Everyone who works in Yaletown is super friendly and really willing to help each other out. So I think that rare and pretty cool. Plus there are so many amazing restaurants in the area, you can always grab a great meal around here.

Whats the one thing you don’t like about Yaletown?
I hate the way they’ve done the new parking spaces! If you have a larger vehicle they are impossible to park in.

You wish Yaletown had more of…
I’d probably say vintage stores! I love vintage shopping, it’s such a fun way to dress. Mixing old and new pieces together while knowing I’m the only one that owns it is so satisfying.

You wish Yaletown had less of….
Banks and chain restaurants. I’d much rather see a new independent Canadian owned restaurant, than another chain.

What is Yaletown missing?
I wish we had more community events and street parties! Yaletown is the perfect place for it, and it’s something that would be awesome to do more of in the summer.

Favourite memory being in Yaletown:
Definitely working at BeautyMark. I’ve met so many great people, and made a ton of life long friends through the store. We are always busy and there is always something fun happening.