The long standing Yaletown restaurant, Urban Thai House of the Thai House group, is now offering cooking classes so that their patrons could try cooking their favorite Thai House Dish. The restaurant’s experienced chefs and staff are there to teach and help you out as you cook. I was invited to participate and try my hand at cooking one of my favourite cuisines.

The first dish we tried was Thai Spring Rolls

We first stir fried the ground pork, vermicelli, sauces, vegetables, and seasoning together. We then wrapped each one with the spring roll wrap and then proceeded with making the dipping sauce.

One dish that turned out well for me was the Tom Yum Goong Soup

We used quality tiger prawns but you can also use chicken or tofu too if you like.

We made the versatile Larb or also known as Traditional Minced Chicken Salad

Aside from being a salad, it goes well with rice or even as a filling for a lettuce wrap.

Finally, we made the ever popular Pad Thai

The trick is to soak the noodles in warm water beforehand until they’re softened. The noodles will further soften when you cook it in Thai sauce of tomato sauce, fish sauce, sugar and chilli sauce.

Throughout the whole cooking demonstration, the chef encouraged you to adjust the spices and ingredients according to your preference. Since I tend to like my savoury and spicy, I kept adding chilli to all of my dishes.

For timing sake, and that you don’t starve, the ingredients are all prepared for you ahead of time. And once you are done with making a dish, the helpers assist with cleaning your station to prepare for the next one. After you are done cooking all the dishes, they set up the tables so you can sit down to enjoy your creations.

You can do one class for $90 per person, $170/person for 2 classes, $280/person for 4 classes, or $480 for 6 people for one class.

Here’s the grad class of the day:

To try your hand at cooking up a Thai meal, call 604 512 1788 for registration