Tyler Hassman is a dynamic entrepreneur who has seen Yaletown evolve over the years. He has been living and working in Yaletown for 12 years and witnessed the boom and bust (and boom again) of the neighbourhood’s dot com bustle. He is the Co-founder and CEO of MD Analytics, a successful and rapidly growing full service marketing research agency that works within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Most importantly, he’s the other half of fellow fair ‘Face’, Daniela Hassman. Tyler is a charismatic charmer who enjoys golfing, taking in a Canucks game, cooking, dining with friends, and anything Apple.

Meet Tyler.

Tyler Hassman

What do you do:
Co-founder and CEO of MD Analytics Inc. We are a full service marketing research agency that works exclusively within the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry.

As a full service agency we design conduct and produce marketing research reports on a variety of topics, such as: advertising testing, new product concept testing, market assessments, usage and attitude studies, and reputation studies. Most of the research we conduct is done online with doctors and other healthcare professionals, with the exception of our qualitative services that are done in-person through focus groups and one-on-one interviews.

We also operate a focus group and meeting facility here in Yaletown (www.coastalviews.ca) for companies looking to conduct qualitative research or simply in need of a boardroom for a few hours.

One interesting fact about our company is that while 90% of our clients are located in the Montreal and Greater Toronto area, our head office and majority of staff are located here in Vancouver and more specifically Yaletown. Why? Because we love it out here.

How long have you lived / worked in Yaletown?
I’ve been living and working in Yaletown for 12 years. I first started working in Yaletown during the dot com days. At that time Yaletown was buzzing with young entrepreneurs and countless tech savvy individuals looking to cash in on the next big IPO.

Best place to get lunch:
At present, The New Oxford, although still very new. It’s also located two floors beneath us so very convenient.

Best place for dinner:
Goldfish. My friend Curtis Webb was just promoted to Executive Chef there a few months ago and I am a firm believer of supporting friends; however that’s not to take away from it just being a fabulous place with great food.

What’s the one thing about Yaletown that only a local would know of?
There is a locksmith on Mainland St. (Downtown Lock & Key) however it’s easier to find by accessing it through the alley between Mainland and Pacific Blvd. Maybe not the most interesting tidbit, but it can be very useful at times.

One word to describe Yaletown:

Who was your first celebrity sighting in Yaletown?
Tough call, it was either Trevor Linden, Todd Bertuzzi, or a Sedin. Definitely a Canuck.

What’s the one thing you like about Yaletown?
I love the neighbourhood feel with the many restaurants to choose from and the vibrant nightlife.

What’s the one thing you don’t like about Yaletown?
Nothing really.

You wish Yaletown had more of….
More outside patio seating… close the streets to traffic and make them walking streets

You wish Yaletown had less of….
Lately… construction!

What is Yaletown missing?
More retail clothing stores

Favourite memory being in Yaletown:
I would say the Olympics but that’s probably been said often enough, so my next choice would be the old Rodney’s Oyster Schuck Fest when they used to block off almost the entire block between Drake and Davie.