A well-kept secret of many celebrities living in Vancouver. It’s too bad that they don’t have more locations.

Yaletown organic juiceryRaw. Organic. Cold-Pressed. Bottles are usually consumed within a few days.

Made fresh in the mornings. A perfect energy boost for busy people on the go.

Website: http://upjus.com/
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Natural Organic Juice Cleanses: http://upjus.com/cleanse/

Our juices, nut mylks, and tonics are all unpasteurized, organic, and locally sourced when possible. Each formula is crafted to retain the most nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. Drinking your daily fruits and vegetables can bring you one step closer to optimal health.
Yaletown Location: 108-1058 Mainland St. Vancouver, BC.




Richmond Location

2020-4000 No. 3 Road (Aberdeen Square), Richmond, BC. V6X 0J8

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