They are ‘liked’ on Facebook by 149,000 users worldwide.

At 11 grams of fat and 222 calories PER cookie, it’s stupefying that so many people love and INGEST this shockingly unhealthy Subway treat on a regular basis.

They mustn’t have seen the nutritional information, like I hadn’t until now. Does an equal portion of PURE LARD even contain that many calories?!

Despite the horrific facts, I am one of those 149,000 Facebook fans. Here is a random selection of comments from passionate fellow group members who’ve expressed their feelings on our page’s wall:

Jasmine writes: ‘White-choc macadamia is the bomb – so addictive!! Yummy!!!’ (I’m with her.)

Wesley writes: ‘Just bought a dozen choc chip yesterday!’ (He for sure felt that the next day.)

Greg writes: ‘OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FREAKIN LOVE SUBWAY COOKIES!!!!!!’ (Love Greg’s enthusiasm displayed through all caps.)

Grace writes: ‘Can’t get enough of them white choc and macadamia are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ (She’s included 21 exclamation marks – she’s clearly obsessed with this cookie.)

Drebiee writes: ‘Maddest cookies out lol.’ (She’s laughing. The cookies make her happy.)

Rhaiza writes: ‘LAS MAJORES GALLETAS DEL MUNDO!!!!! HASTA AHORA.’ (Again, all caps – displaying love and enthusiasm towards the cookies. Also, this comment (written in another language) shows us that this trend is not ‘just a Western thing’.)

James writes: ‘I love the one with white chocolate coating on top =).’ (Note the extra big smiley face. He must have been eating one when he wrote this.)

Is there a better edible stress-reliever out there? The white chocolate macadamia nut Subway cookie is my trashy indulgence, lucky charm, and go-to treat prior to big events, like the Leo Awards where we were shooting for FMA ( this past weekend. The focusing you see going on below is kudos to the cookie, purchased at Yaletown’s 1000 Mainland Street location:

Yes, they’re mass-produced and probably full of preservatives. Nonetheless, there’s something about these thin, doughy, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that have me, this guy, and 149,000 others enraptured.

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Ciao for now.